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Turkey is a country rich in fascinating culture and breathtaking nature. You have probably heard about their world-class resorts. These days they offer a wide range of real estate options at affordable prices, both in economy and premium segments.

But before you decide to purchase Turkish property, evaluating all pros and cons of such a move is vital. So let’s take a look together at some of the most crucial facts:

  • Foreigners in Turkey can be property owners without any limits and restrictions.
  • Upon purchasing any real estate starting at $50,000, you immediately qualify for a Turkish residence permit with the possibility of obtaining citizenship within five years.
  • You can immediately acquire citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey starting at $250,000.
  • Affordably priced properties are abundant. The prices start from $500 per square meter, depending on the location.
  • Well-established tourism infrastructure and the popularity of Turkey among international tourists provide a 5% annual rental income.
  • The steady growth in property prices and high demand contribute to an annual increase in rental income of 5%.

Searching for Real Estate

These days many investors prefer cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Turkey is one of the crypto-friendly locations where one can purchase real estate for bitcoins. The following locations are especially popular among crypto-enthusiasts and property investors. 

  • Istanbul, is Turkey’s largest city, with a population exceeding 15 million. It serves as an economic, historical, and cultural hub at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It offers extensive real estate options, ranging from affordable apartments to luxury coastal villas.
  • Antalya is a beach and tourist center. This vibrant city boasts a splendid coastline, favorable climate, and impressive infrastructure, making it an attractive destination for tourism and comfortable living for digital nomads, retirees, and many other categories of people.
  • Bodrum is situated on the Aegean coast. It is evolving into a luxurious resort town featuring a large marina and upscale real estate.
  • Marmaris is a popular resort among European visitors. The city is nestled at the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, offering stunning natural beauty and fabulous beaches.
  • Alanya is Turkey’s warmest city, with an average annual temperature of +18°C. This gem offers affordable real estate options and attracts many tourists.
  • Ankara is the capital of Turkey. It serves as the country’s administrative center and boasts a well-developed infrastructure. Investing in profitable properties in Ankara can yield stable rental income.


Once you have selected a real estate option, please get in touch with us for expert advice. Our manager will provide crucial information about the nuances of purchasing property in Turkey, including legal requirements, property types, and the necessary documentation.

Additionally, our expert will assist in finding a trustworthy transaction partner and determine the feasibility of conducting the payment in cryptocurrency or the need to convert funds into fiat currency. The laws change pretty often, and an experienced professional can find your ideal path and help you avoid unnecessary complications and unreasonable costs.

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Our team will guide you through the transaction process, explaining all relevant details. We can facilitate the drafting of a contract to promote the purchase of your chosen property and determine the transaction algorithm and timeline in collaboration with the seller. Whether you opt for remote or in-person purchasing, we will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

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