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Buy a ready-made company in the UK

A ready-made crypto company in the UK can open many doors for your business in the United Kingdom, Europe, and many other places. The ability to bypass inspections from the local authorities is a huge advantage. You can save months and start working almost immediately while your competitors are stuck in bureaucracy.

Opening a bank account in the UK also takes time, and our shelf companies already have the bank accounts set up in advance. We also help you with background checks and other procedures that can be significant road bumps for many new crypto entrepreneurs in the UK. Contact our top experts, who will help you find the ideal solution according to your needs.

Advantages of a cryptocurrency company in the UK

A crypto company in the United Kingdom has a wide range of advantages. For example, the country’s fintech and banking systems are hard to beat, and many consider the UK the most trustworthy jurisdiction in the world. In addition, while other respected countries have great business reputations, the UK’s cryptocurrency companies are particularly trusted because of the numerous audits each crypto company needs to pass before obtaining a license. And, of course, the experts can observe crypto business development in the UK, opening numerous opportunities for new players.


Requirements for a crypto company in the UK when obtaining a license from scratch 

You can get a crypto license for your company from scratch. But, while it’s possible, you need to be aware of the requirements:

  • Directors and key managers must have a clean criminal record.
  • The company needs to develop a business plan and a clear strategy.
  • Present a 3-year financial forecast.
  • There are regulations regarding fraudulent transactions, and every business must comply with them.
  • The officials may audit the crypto companies and their employees for security reasons.

Peculiarities of crypto business in the United Kingdom

The company must obtain the corresponding license if it engages in cryptocurrency. It’s true for the companies involved in crypto-fiat and cryptocurrency exchange services, ICO, crypto storage, and crypto transactions.

Crypto-related enterprises undergo scrutiny and surveillance to ensure compliance. Consequently, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) assesses each business before granting a license. The regulatory body evaluates the company’s ability to effectively manage various risks such as money laundering, financing of terrorism, and user fraud. The extent of services a crypto company offers determines thoroughness during the inspection.

An established cryptocurrency company in the United Kingdom is a fantastic offer for many crypto entrepreneurs. A nominal service is possible, and the cost includes a bank account opening.

Since it’s a ready-made business, you can save tons of time. The process of re-registering the company occurs as expediently as possible. Typically, it takes around 2-3 weeks, depending on the workload of the regulatory body in the UK.

The United Kingdom is a highly influential and encouraging location for cryptocurrency enterprises owing to its robust financial services sector. As a result, the jurisdiction is widely popular. Domestic crypto companies executed transactions valued at $233 billion in the past year, and the market is likely to keep expanding.

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