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Portugal, a charming and picturesque European nation, is renowned for its delightful climate. It captivates tourists and offers enticing opportunities for real estate investors. Let’s take a look at Portugal’s advantages for investors:

  • Foreigners face no restrictions when purchasing real estate in Portugal.
  • Real estate transactions can be conducted remotely through video conferences, eliminating the need for personal presence.
  • Portugal embraces cryptocurrencies, allowing real estate purchases with bitcoin or alternative digital currencies. Crypto payments are also commonly accepted in stores, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Between 2015 and 2022, real estate prices in Portugal increased by 88%. Future projections suggest an annual growth rate of at least 5%, with some regions experiencing growth rates of 15% or more.
  • Acquiring a residence permit is straightforward. Investing $500,000 or more in real estate qualifies individuals for a golden visa.
  • The country attracts many tourists. This fact ensures a growing demand for rentals, increasing rental prices, and appreciating property values, making real estate investment highly profitable.

Searching for Real Estate

The following locations are trendy for purchasing real estate in Portugal, and you can use cryptocurrencies to make it happen:

  • Lisbon, the capital and largest city, offers diverse real estate options across all segments, making it an excellent choice for comfy living.
  • Porto, the second largest city, houses offices of numerous multinational companies and provides countless real estate investment opportunities.
  • The Azores, a picturesque archipelago with unique natural beauty and a mild climate, boasts multiple high-end villas and mansions.
  • Madeira is an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that showcases extraordinary nature. It is a premium resort with luxury villas, making it an excellent location for investment and obtaining a golden visa.


Once you have chosen your desired real estate, contact us for professional guidance. Our experienced manager will explain the intricacies of purchasing property in Portugal, covering legal aspects, property types, and necessary documentation.

Additionally, we will help you find a reliable partner for the transaction and assess the feasibility of conducting the deal in cryptocurrency. In some instances, converting funds to fiat currency may be necessary before finalizing the transaction.

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Deal registration

We will guide you through the transaction process and address all essential details. Our services include:

  • Drafting a contract to facilitate the purchase of your selected property.
  • Determining the transaction procedure and timeline with the seller.
  • Providing comprehensive support throughout the remote or in-person buying process.

Contact our company and receive the most relevant and vital information that will help you get property in Portugal with crypto on the most favorable terms.

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