Advantages of acquiring a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Poland

Several benefits arise when considering acquiring a pre-established crypto company in Poland. Firstly, the procedures for business registration and mandatory enrollment in the Register of Virtual Services often consume valuable time, preventing your company from legally operating in Poland. However, purchasing a pre-established company is a fast lane for your business.

Furthermore, enrolling in the Register of Virtual Services can be done without undergoing extensive background checks or accumulating numerous certificates to establish trustworthiness. This fact saves you from unnecessary paperwork and expedites the registration process.

Acquiring a ready-made company also includes the convenience of obtaining a bank account as part of the package. It eliminates the need to invest time and effort in securing a separate bank account. Additionally, the agreement may offer supplementary services that further streamline your operations, saving you precious time, energy, and financial resources.

Our team consists of enthusiastic professionals who know everything about the crypto business in Poland. If you have any questions at any stage of our cooperation, you are welcome to ask for our help. You can rest assured that you won’t encounter unexpected challenges such as sudden creditor appearances, lawsuits, or other claims because our ready-made companies are crystal clear and transparent. It means no potential risks and peace of mind as you venture into the crypto business realm in Poland.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

In the event of non-compliance with legal obligations, a cryptocurrency company faces the risk of being delisted from the Register of Virtual Currencies by the regulatory authority. Moreover, directors may be prohibited from holding executive positions for up to one year. Additionally, there is a possibility of facing a substantial financial penalty of up to €1 million. That’s one of the factors proving the importance of working with professionals who can arrange everything in the best possible way.

While these sanctions may appear severe, they aim to foster positive outcomes. The strict measures ensure that Polish crypto companies operate with transparency and reliability, increasing customer confidence and trustworthiness of the crypto market in the country for all parties.

Why a Polish cryptocurrency company can be a great asset:

  • The country has a good reputation.
  • No crypto licenses and an easy start.
  • Quick development of the crypto market in the country during the last years.
  • Clear legislation is constantly improving.
  • 19% corporate tax is reduced to only 9% if annual turnover does not exceed €2 million. 

Requirements for a Polish crypto company when obtaining a business license from scratch

There is no specific requirement for obtaining licenses dedicated to cryptocurrency businesses in Poland. Instead, the Register of Virtual Currencies is a comprehensive replacement for such licenses, which is pretty convenient for crypto enthusiasts.

But if a Polish crypto company needs to obtain a business license, it initially needs to have the following features:

  • Be registered as an LLC.
  • Minimum authorized capital must be €1,200.
  • Mandatory enrollment in the Register of Virtual Currencies.
  • Develop a security system.
  • A special anti-fraud and anti-terrorist financing employee must be hired.
  • Directors and key managers must provide proof of their reputation.
  • Regular reports are mandatory.


Poland is one of the countries where you can buy a readily available cryptocurrency business. In addition, our team offers a wide range of related services. For example, opening a bank account can be included in the package.

The re-registration process for the company is much faster than founding a new crypto company on your own. Typically it takes around 2-3 weeks to get the business transferred unless the regulatory body in Poland is super busy. In most cases, they work pretty efficiently.

The government of Poland developed legislation to control the framework of cryptocurrency operations, encompassing activities such as mining, buying, and selling digital assets. These processes are subject to control and oversight by the relevant authorities, specifically the Chamber of Tax Administration, where the Register of Virtual Currencies is located.

Any company involved in the following activities must be registered in the Register of Virtual Currencies:

  • Trading digital assets for other assets and fiat money.
  • Acting as a broker for digital assets.
  • Providing custody and maintenance services for crypto accounts.
  • Offering intermediary services for exchanges.

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