Crypto-Related Taxes in the Czech Republic

Czech companies with a cryptocurrency license are subject to income tax of 19%, VAT of 21%, and dividend tax of 15%. As a result, the Czech Republic’s taxation system is considered one of the most attractive in the EU. 

How Can a Crypto Company Get a Czech License Fast

To apply for the Czech crypto license, companies can enlist the help of experts who offer services such as company registration, finding and renting a legal office, preparing a package of constituent documents, paying state and license fees, and assisting in obtaining a segregated bank account.

The crypto license allows companies to quickly onboard EU customers, and non-EU residents can undergo EIDAS verification in addition to the generally accepted KYC measures. The license also does not have strict qualification requirements for senior management. There is no due diligence of board members and KYC officers except for providing a non-criminal record certificate.

How Fast Can the Company Get It

The Czech Republic’s cryptocurrency license stands out as one of the fastest licenses to acquire in the EU. However, the license issuance takes up to two months if the professionals organize the process. Therefore, contact our company for help with cryptocurrency licenses in the Czech Republic.


The Czech cryptocurrency license allows businesses to exchange digital currency for fiat or other virtual currencies, store clients’ funds in virtual wallets, and issue electronic funds. 

Crypto License Requirements

Companies seeking to acquire the license must comply with several requirements, including registering as a physical person, renting a physical office, depositing authorized capital, providing information on the founders, directors, and shareholders, developing a business plan, and hiring an anti-money laundering officer (MLRO).

Acquiring a cryptocurrency license in the Czech Republic offers the advantage of working and setting up branches in any country within the EU. In addition, you can avoid annoying bureaucratic hurdles apart from informing the local regulator.

Czech Crypto License Features

The license issuer is the Financial Analytical Unit. It is the country’s financial intelligence unit, and having a license is essential for safe and legal operations. Obtaining the license is a straightforward process that does not entail unnecessary formalities and endows the company with a reputable and positive image.

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