The online gambling industry's use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies greatly simplifies the gambling business operation.

It's been happening because the geographical location of the parties making crypto transactions does not matter, unlike the movement of fiat funds. Therefore, you can use transparent tariffs and commissions for players, in your online casino.
Also, gamblers consider blockchain in a casino a more reliable guarantor than basic software verification by a regulator or international certificates. Blockchain can bring safety in your casino to a whole new level. It can make the gambling business transparent and protected from fraud.
In other words, any blockchain-licensed casino can provide its players with a unique honesty control system.
But despite all the advantages, only a few online casinos use blockchain technology. Thus, we will happily help you create such a project from scratch or transform your existing platform into a full-fledged crypto-casino.
What license to choose to start your blockchain casino?
There are licenses allowing you to run your online casino on blockchain, and we can recommend you some of the best options.


Curaçao license gives you the right to operate business worldwide except for Curaçao, Belize, the UK, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Singapore.
One license covers all gaming-related activities. Examples are game providers, software developers and providers, operators, sports betting, online casinos, bingo, online poker, sports competitions, live games, scratch cards, and other gambling.
The offer includes:
  • Pre-license filing
  • Company registration in the name of our representative
  • Registered office (1-year contract)
  • License issuance
  • Terms: approximately 2 months
Required documents
Proof of domain ownership
up to 2 URLs
Information about used software
contract with game provider/ RNG
Working website
up to 2 URLs
Documents for the founders
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The Isle of Man license covers all of the following activities
  • P2P games (like poker and bingo)
  • Сasino games, including slots
  • Live dealer games
  • Betting platforms
  • Financial exchanges
  • Binary options
  • Cyber sports betting
  • Lotteries, including messengers and resellers
  • Mobile, desktop, and tablet versions
Gambling fees are calculated based on profits, and they range from 0.1% to 1.5%
It’s required to have a local Isle of Man office
It’s required to have at least 2 local directors
It’s required to have a local MLRO officer
Timing: Approximately 3 to 4 months after application
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registration of a local company with the ability to operate without a license
There is no legislation regulating gambling activities in Costa Rica or a regulatory body with a licensing function. It means that gambling does not require a special license; you just need to register a local company.
Required documents
Package of documents for the company’s founders
passports, proofs of addresses, etc.
Term of company registration — approximately 3-4 weeks.
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